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It’s good to meet you, Doctor Banner. Your work on anti-electron collisions is unparalleled….

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Nobody has to defend Ringo, he’s fucking Ringo Starr! He’s the drummer of The Beatles. If it weren’t for Ringo, The Beatles wouldn’t have sounded like The Beatles. And if The Beatles wouldn’t have sounded like The Beatles, there will be no Beatles. Did I make any sense?

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I learned that from my friend Cas, you son of a bitch.

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Can’t you see it? Can’t you read it in their smiles? In every word spoken and even more in those unsaid. Look at their faces. How long has it been since we’ve seen them smile? Really, truly smile? And we know it’s not fake, cause they can’t even see each other, but they’ll smile nonetheless. It’s real and and it’s pure. It’s there in gentle teasing and quiet memories. It’s in a simple question. How are you, Dean? Well, in front of Sam he’ll shake that question easy enough, never was one for chick flick moments you know. But you can see what it means to him, how he’s still surprised that anyone would even care, and how much it means to him that Cas would bother to ask. It’s love. That’s what’s there, and if you can’t see it you must have your eyes closed. Because there’s not one second of this that says otherwise. And when Cas speaks, and there it is again. I miss life on the road, I miss the smell of worn leather and whiskey, I miss you.

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I cant get over Angelina Jolie waving for a selfie

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Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember 

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